Autochthonous cuisine in the Una river valley

Other than trout, the fish living in the crystal clear water of the river of Una and its tributaries and the gastronomic trademark of the Una river valley, the untouched nature of this region also offers a wealth of diversity and foodstuffs for the preparation of delicious, healthy and traditional meals that will leave no true food lover disappointed. 

If you find yourself in the Lika part of the Zadar County or in the vicinity of Donji Lapac, be sure to try police, baked potato halves made with famous Lika potato, venison or sauerkraut with sausages and other cured meats, goat, sheep or cow cheese, basa, delicacies such as Lika fritters or drinks - famous Lika plum brandy and various liqueurs.

The autochthonous flavours and aromas of traditional Bosnian cuisine will make you try Bosnian meat stew – jahnija, dish traditionally prepared in a crock with various types of meat and vegetables, world-famous stuffed onions - sogan dolma, and desserts such as hurmašice or brdare. 

Catering facilities

Gračac Municipality, Republic of Croatia
CF Monaco, Donja Suvaja 54, Donja Suvaja 
Restaurant Tomić, Kozarčeva 2, Gračac 
Vila Dijana, Nikole Tesle 22, Gračac
Restaurant Kralj Zvonimir, Zagrebačka 47, Gračac

Donji Lapac Municipality, Republic of Croatia
Buffet Marta, Trg Ive Andrića bb, D. Lapac
Buffet Lika LD Ozeblin, G. Lapac 69, D. Lapac
Bistro Ozeblin, Plitvička bb, D. Lapac
Buffet Una, Doljani bb, Doljani

Bihać Municipality, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Restaurant Kostelski buk, Kostela bb
Restaurant Opal, Krupska bb
Restaurant River, Midžić mahala
Restaurant Belvedere, Trg maršala Tita
Restaurant Paviljon, Aleja Alije Izetbegovića bb
Restaurant Bondeno, Bosanska bb
Restaurant Emporium, Irfana Ljubijankića 90
Restaurant Čardak na Uni, 502.slavne br.b.
Restaurant Kamenko,Ripač bb
Restaurant Tale, Ripač bb
Restaurant Sunce, Put 5. Korpusa, Orljani bb
Restaurant Slap, Ripač bb
Restaurant Sojenica, Ripač bb
Restaurant Mlin, Put 5. Korpusa, Orljani bb
Restoran Teatar, Put 5. Korpusa, Kulturni centar
Restaurant Amfora, Hasan paše Predojevića 2A
Tavern Žute dunje, Hatinački progon bb
Restaurant Alma, Bosanske državnosti bb

Family farms

You can try and buy traditional Lika products such as cured meats, various cheeses, jams, brandies and liqueurs on family farms, which prepare these products according to traditional recipes. 

Gračac Municipality, Republic of Croatia

Family farm Mira Ćopić, Donja Suvaja
cheese and dairy products
Family farm Perica Keča, Ajderovac
excursion tourism, meat and milk production, riding horses
Family farm Đuro Vekić, Gornja Suvaja
raspberry products
Family farm Milan Rastović, Srb
honey and honey products
Family farm Dragan Tankosić, Dugopolje
home-made products (jams, liqueurs, juices, meat production, Lika potato...)
Family farm Milena Pualić, Brotnja
meat production
Family farm Slavenko Rađenović, Kruškovače
meat production
Family farm Božo Dubajić, Neteka
meat production
Family farm Zoran Dubajić, Podastrana
meat and milk production, Lika potato
Family farm Jovo Dubajic, Donja Suvaja - Zalužje
meat and milk production
Family farm Duško Ćopić, Gornja Suvaja
meat and milk production
Family farm Radivoje Vojvodić, Neteka
meat and milk production, riding horses
Family farm Milenko Brkić, Kunovac
raspberry and forest fruit products

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Tourist signs for the source of the river Una are set up


After finishing the traffic study of setting the tourist signs and obtaining the necessary approval of the competent institution, through project "Una - Spring of Life" and in collaboration with partners on the project, tourist signs indicating the spring of river Una in Lower Suvaja are set up.

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Final meeting of all the partners in the project "Una - Spring of Life"


On Tuesday, 26 March 2013. beginning at 11 hours and 20 minutes, in the Small Hall of the House of Zadar County, was held the final cross-border meeting of all partners in the project "Una - Spring of Life."

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