Rafting, kayaking, canoeing
Rafting on the river of Una makes for an unforgettable adventure. Thanks to its strong source, the water level of Una allows rafting during almost the entire year. During high water levels, the water is at level IV, and its currents represent a real treat for rafting enthusiasts, while during low water levels, you can enjoy the river and its crystal clear water, waterfalls, green banks and steep canyons.

The Štrbački buk – Lohovo section
Along the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Una plummets down Štrbački buk, which is also one of the most magnificent natural attractions of the Una River. Štrbački buk is made of several waterfalls, among which the biggest one is 24 meters high. Thanks to its extraordinary beauty and height, Štrbački buk is an unmissable destination of all rafting enthusiasts and the starting point of one of the most attractive rafting sections on Una.

Speed river diving and cave diving
Speed river diving is diving in a wild river, full of excitement and struggle with river currents and obstacles. The beautiful natural springs and caves are a unique phenomenon and a destination of international cave diving expeditions.

Bihać, Una National Park
Speed river diving is an adventure created and named in Bihać. Diving trips are guided by experienced instructors who take care of the safety of everyone taking part in this adrenaline-fuelled recreational activity. 

Hunting and fishing
Untouched nature of this area represents a wealth of possibilities for hunting and fishing tourism. Some wild animals inhabiting this region are: wild boar, deer, roe, bear, fox and marten. The clear and cold waters of the Una River are rich in fish species. You can catch brown trout, grayling, European chub...

Hunting grounds Gračac, Donji Lapac and Bihać
The hunting grounds near Una have many observatory points, feeding areas and forest trails. 
Fishing in the Una National Park is regulated by special regulations, while hunting is completely banned. 

Trekking, mountaineering
Trekking and mountaineering represent the ideal way of maintaining and improving psychological and physical fitness. Enjoying the nature, spending time with your friends and family and walking in clean air represent active and relaxing activities that relieve stress and stimulate positive emotions. 

Lička Plješivica, Osječenica
Numerous mountaineering trails and paths of Lička Plješivica and Osječenica and the diversity of landscape and terrain guarantee an unforgettable experience and true relaxation for all lovers of recreation and nature. 

Una National Park
Many marked paths and trails of the Una National Park allow for recreation in the forest and by the rivers whose natural beauty we enjoy, while the freshness of water makes us cool during the warm days. 

The river of Dabašnica and the Sklop canyon
The Dabašnica River flows through one of Croatia's deepest and most impassable canyons before plummeting into three picturesque waterfalls by the village of Srb, where it becomes Srebrenica. Two hiking trails are available in the Sklop canyon. 

For anyone who enjoys excitement and new experiences, mountain cycling is the way to go. The diversity of the landscape and the terrain vouches for exciting rides depending on your wishes, fitness level and company. You can use various cycling trails, from those less demanding to the ones intended for experienced devotees of mountain cycling. 

Babić lake
Right by the Babići hamlet, you can find a lake called Babić lake. Surrounded by limestone cliffs and mountains on three sides, this 22 meters deep circular lake boasts an exquisite azure blue colour and cold and clear water. You can reach the lake by an off-road vehicle, on foot or by bicycle. 

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Tourist signs for the source of the river Una are set up


After finishing the traffic study of setting the tourist signs and obtaining the necessary approval of the competent institution, through project "Una - Spring of Life" and in collaboration with partners on the project, tourist signs indicating the spring of river Una in Lower Suvaja are set up.

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Final meeting of all the partners in the project "Una - Spring of Life"


On Tuesday, 26 March 2013. beginning at 11 hours and 20 minutes, in the Small Hall of the House of Zadar County, was held the final cross-border meeting of all partners in the project "Una - Spring of Life."

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